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Hematopathology, 2nd Edition



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Highly Commended, Basic and Clinical Sciences, BMA Awards 2007

This volume in the Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology Series packs today's most essential hematopathology know-how into a compact, high-yield format! Its pragmatic, well-organized approach, abundant full-color illustrations, and at-a-glance tables make the information you need easy to access.
New to this edition


  • Check out the latest in the labs with new chapters on splenic pathology and flow cytometry.
  • Get even more of the information you need with an expanded molecular pathology chapter than now highlights molecular diagnosis of red cell disorders.
  • Access the full text and download images at

Basım Yılı2012
Basım Sayısı2
Sayfa Sayısı760
Yazar(lar)Eric D. Hsi

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Hematopathology, 2nd Edition

Hematopathology, 2nd Edition


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